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Recipient of E-Town E-Chievement Award 
Denkai is one of the leading quality of life organizations in our local and surrounding states providing a multitude of services for all domestic animals and pet owners in need. Please browse our site, enjoy your time here and don't forget to leave your legacy through a contribution towards our cause.

  • Mission
Our mission is to promote healthy environments in which animals and people interact and connect through applied, environmental, and educational programs to cultivate mental and physical health.

Denkai Sanctuary is unique in that it aims to provide a combination of services for animals in need, at-risk youth, and raising environmental awareness. 

Denkai Sanctuary is committed to the philosophy that by providing compassion and respect for our animals and youth, we sustain the fundamentals of a peaceful world.

The Sanctuary, with two facilities located near Greeley, CO and  Grover, Colorado surrounded by the beautiful and serene Pawnee National Grasslands, is home to more than 200 horses, dogs, cats and other animals on any given day who come from shelters, rescue groups and owners no longer able to care for their pets from around the United States. The Sanctuary has quickly become a destination for several hundred visitors and volunteers each year including local youth at risk who have found sanctuary themselves in the kindness offered to them.

  • History
Founded in May of 2004 by Floss Blackburn, Denkai Animal Sanctuary began with 25 animals on 15 acres with minimal facilities and a few volunteers. There were no large benefactors that started this organization, it has grown over the last three years through very hard work and hands on daily chores, sometimes lasting late into the evening.

Denkai has experienced a lot of growth over our first fourteen years in operation.  We have most recently as of May 2017 downsized our land size to a wonderful facility on 20 irrigated acres located near Yellow Jacket, CO.  We now intake large animals in need via cruelty cases for local sheriff departments as needed and will be aiding other owner surrenders on an endowment basis.

Denkai has actively operated using sustainable energies, such as wind and solar. Denkai has doubled its fundraising income in the past year, largely through our website. Individuals who have heard about our organization can log onto our website to learn more about our efforts, and can easily make monetary donations through Network for Good.

  • Floss Blackburn, President/Founder
  • Elizabeth Connell , Secretary/Treasurer
  • Krystal Roth - Vice President

  • Why Our Work Is Important
Denkai is the largest and most versatile facility of its kind in Colorado and is the ONLY organization that offers services to all domestic animals in local communities and surrounding states.  Without our aid, municipalities would have no options for much needed animal-care services.As a leading not for profit organization, Denkai Sanctuary has provided assistance to more than 3,000 large and small domestic animals, over 6000 community youth, and over ten not for profit organizations in need during the past nine years.  Currently, Denkai cares for approximately 170 animals in residence and countless others in foster care.
Every day, Denkai fights for the lives of animals in need, pregnant and nursing dogs that have been nearly starved to death by shelter workers.  Horses that have seen the inside of a slaughter plant and lived to tell their tale, and a special Miracle piglet, who fell off of a truck in Iowa at the age of three weeks and was th
en run over by a car, left to die with a  broken back.  These animals are just a few of the many that we currently care for every day thanks to generous contributors.  After nineteen months, Denkai has determined that it is in our best interest to purchase the Denkai Adoption Center facility in Greeley through a capital campaign. 

  • More than 23,000 owned animals have benefited from our subsidized spay/neuter clinics since December 1, 2012
    10,000 large and small domestic animals have benefitted from our services since inception.
    • Over 100 Youth in Crisis participants have benefited from our programs.
    • Over 6,000 community youth have benefited from our educational programs.
  • Around the Nation
Denkai works with humane groups, individuals and entire communities in helping to provide rescue and placement along with Sanctuary for domestic animals in need.

  • Support
The work of Denkai is supported entirely by donations fr
om individuals and foundations, program income, CRP, Crops, and fundraisers. Through the generous hearts and hands of people like you, we can ensure that animals who come into the care of Denkai will never again be alone, hungry, sick, afraid or in pain. We invite you to make a forever difference in the lives of these animals we care for through joining us as a sponsor today!
  • Facilities

Denkai Sanctuary
Denkai Sanctuary is the only organization to offer services to all domestic animals, large and small. With two facilities totaling 640 acres in Weld County, Colorado, Denkai is the largest domestic animals quality of life organization of its kind in Northern Colorado.
  • Small and Large Domestic Animal Rescue, rehabilitation and adoption -Locally and Nationally
  • Youth in Crisis Rehabilitation
  • Equine, farm animal and Pet Animal Rescue Transports
  • Networking to help animals in need throughout the U.S.
  • Education
  • Subsidized Spay/Neuter
  • Subsidized Vaccinations
  • Pet Food Bank
  • Overnight Stays at Yellow Jacket Sanctuary, Rustic!
  • Composting

To learn more about our programs, visit our Programs page!
  • Floss Blackburn: Founder and President, Marketing, Media Relations, Acting Executive Director, Acting Equine Facilities Manager, Dog Program manager
To learn more about our management please visit our Management page!

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