Animals & Youth in Crisis
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Denkai Sanctuary



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Our Grover facility is our original site with 640 acres and up to 150 + animals daily.
We house our Equine and Farm Animals who are in varying stages of rehabilitation and training here.  This facility also acts as a national holding facility for rescue animals in working with the Humane Society of the United States and other national rescue groups.  This facility is very centrally located to Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas.

The majority of the animals who find a safe haven at Denkai have special physical or behavioral needs, some are deaf and blind, some have been partially paralyzed or crippled due to human cruelty and neglect. Denkai's team of professional veterinarians, trainers, and caregivers strive to offer all that they can to animals in need of recovery.

Animals are generally able to be adopted into new homes after only a few weeks of care while others who have special needs, are ill, senior or have been through severe emotional or physical trauma, find peace and recovery at Denkai. These animals are either adopted into loving homes after a much longer stay or able to live their lives out at the Sanctuary.

Many youth at risk have visited Denkai, most with emotional issues and trauma very similar to that suffered by our very special animals. Denkai strives to work hand in hand with youth homes offering off-site programs that foster confidence and a sense of purpose through hands on activities at the Sanctuary helping to bring about an end to the cycle of abuse and strengthen the human animal bond.

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Overnight stays - Rustic!

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Visitors from all over the nation will be able to pitch a tent or camp out in their RV at our Grover location. We will have more information on this after the first of the year!

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