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Why Foster?

Opening your home and heart to a homeless animal is such a rewarding experience.  Animals always thrive best in a home environment.

Foster homes enable a dog, cat, horse, or farm animal to temporarily reside with individualized care until a permanent home is located.

How does it work?

  • Request a foster application by filling out the contact form below.
  • A Denkai Representative will perform a site visit and approve your home as a Denkai Foster.
  • Once approved, we work to match your foster animal with your household.


Check out our Pet Animal Foster Parent Resources HERE!

Step 1: Fill out our Dog Foster Application

Step 2: Once you are approved, we will contact you for a site visit and walk through of your home.

Step 3: Once we can fully approve you after walk through, you can start fostering for us!


How long can I expect to foster an animal?

Depending on the animal you foster, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months or more to find the proper placement for them.

Horses and other large animals generally have a longer stay before finding a permanent home.  Expect to foster for up to a year when taking on an equine or farm animal.

Who covers the cost of food and veterinary bills?

Food: Denkai relies on the generosity of donations to cover our food and medical needs.  We always provide food for our foster families if they require it.  This food is only to be used for the animals you care for under Denkai.

Horses and other livestock feed needs: When fostering a horse or other livestock, the foster home is generally expected to provide the feed or pasture for these animals to sustain.

Medical Bills: Per our contract, foster homes must use Denkai's designated veterinarians and must first contact the Adoption Center for guidance regarding veterinary needs with a fostered animal.

How does it work if an adopter wants to visit with my fostered animal?

Generally folks will call or e-mail the Adoption Center if they are interested in visiting with your fostered animal.  They are able to view that animal online via our website, Petfinder, or have seen them listed in the newspaper.

We then coordinate with both the foster home and potential adopter for a meeting at the adoption center site. You would bring the dog or cat in for a visit and talk to the potential adopter regarding that animal's temperament, behavior, etc.

If the adoption goes through, you can choose to take a break or foster another wonderful pet!

How can you help to place your foster animal?

Send an e-mail blast to your friends and family!
Make up and post a flyer of your foster pet.

Bring your foster to one of our mobile adoption events, who better to speak to their personalities!
Send us a write up so that we can accurately update our Petfinder system and website.

Thank You on behalf of the Animals of Denkai.. and us of course!