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Dog Adoptions: 970-560-6747

Equine/Farm Animal: 970-217-1457

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So now you have your new foster dog, what can you expect?

Our dogs come from shelters locally and across the United States.  Most all are on euthanasia lists due to either treatable health issues, shelters being out of space, or minor behavioral issues such as shyness.

It is recommended that you keep your foster dog separated from your household dogs as much as possible for the first 72 hours. Below are links to more information on fostering thanks to!

How to Get Your Home Ready for your Foster Pet

Fostering Dogs with Cats in the House

Introducing your Foster Pet to your home and Pets

How to Let go of your Foster Dog

Who to Contact if my foster is in need:

In case of emergency: 970-217-1457, cell

During business hours for general questions:

If your foster needs to see the vet, we do not pay for visits to your veterinarian's clinic or other outside clinics, so if you bring your foster to the emergency vet or any clinic other than ours, you will be paying that bill.

Expectations of Foster Parents

1. Send descriptions and pictures of your fosters asap to, if you have a long-term foster, we need ongoing photos and updates on your foster dog.

2. Be available for meet and greets and mobile adoption events. 
     Mobile Adoptions typically take place on Saturdays in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Eaton. We 
     expect fosters to attend and help at these events.

     Meet and Greets are scheduled around your and the adopter's schedule.

3. If you decide to adopt your foster dog, we need to know as soon as possible.

4. If your foster dog is showing signs of illness, you are expected to get ahold of us immediately for care during business hours rather than waiting until emergency hours if possible.

5. You are responsible for transporting your foster dogs to and from events, the veterinarian, etc.

6. We do not cover the cost of food because we have enough donated to cover the dogs in our care, so you MUST be willing to pick up food from us at our Eaton location for your foster dogs.

7. Fosters are not allowed to release their foster dog to anybody without prior approval from Denkai. 


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