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Gill, CO Horses - Abandoned 4/16/2013



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They Are Safe!!

Update: 05/07/2013

Bay Pony Mare
Paint Pony Mare
8 Month old buckskin filly

In Foster/Needs Home
10 Year old Bay Thoroughbred Mare
15-17 Year old Gray Gelding, George
15 Year old Gray TB Mare


ACTION ALERT: 4/16/2013

Six horses that were abandoned by their owner last August are heading to a local kill auction in the next 10 days. These horses have been rescued in the small town of Gill, CO. A town that will make you cringe when you drive in. I won't yet get into the monstrosities that are happening in this town to livestock and dogs, but will tell you it is hell on earth for our animal friends. 

A good Samaritan took these six horses in to care for them last August after their owner abandoned them. Mommas and babies, older gelding, all nice horses after their owner stopped feeding them and then walked out and left them to fend for themselves. They lived on tree bark for a long time and finally became a rack of bones.

They all look great now, but because of Colorado livestock laws, these horses have to be declared as strays on a 10 day hold and are slated to run through a local kill auction in the next two weeks.

Denkai has been in the field and able to get hands on all of these horses. There are two ponies, the paint mare and the dark bay pony.  The gray mare is the momma of the buckskin 8 month old foal, and the mid-teens gelding and Baby TB mare have been ridden in the past. The bay was used for racing and stands over 16 hh.

They CAN be helped, Denkai is seeking funding totaling $1,500 to purchase them back from auction and keep them safe. A few of these horses have permanent, loving homes that are willing to take them in already if we can save them.

Denkai dropped of hay for these horses a few days ago thanks to a generous donation from Oster's Premium Hay of LaSalle, CO.

Update: 4/23/2012
We were informed that  the brand office just filed the abandonment paperwork this week, so it looks like the horses will run through the kill auction either May 1, or May 8, 2013.

Update: 4/30/2013: These horses have been moved to the auction yard by the brand inspector and will run through tomorrow. Denkai is set to bid on them and get them to safety, but still needs people to consider fostering or adoption of these six horses. Call (970) 895-2337 to help out. We are taking continuted contributions towards their veterinary, feed and farrier care needs.  

To help these horses, donations can be sent to: 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729

Denkai online at: please mark your donation: Gill Horses

Update: May 1, 2013:

For Immediate Release
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Denkai Animal Sanctuary
Contact: Floss Blackburn
(970) 217-1457
Fort Collins, CO - Six Horses Abandoned in Gill, CO Now Safe At Denkai Animal Sanctuary
Despite yet another snow storm, we managed to four wheel it through our drifting driveway in Grover, CO yesterday morning, May 1, 2013 and make our way to the Fort Collins livestock auction in hopes of being able to recover the six abandoned horses from Gill, CO.
Because of Colorado laws, these abandoned horses were placed on a stray hold by the local brand office, the only option they had for these horses, and in 10 days, had to run through a sale to be sold to the highest bidder.  Thanks to the cooperation and kindness of our local brand inspectors, we were alerted as to the date of the sale and when the horses were dropped off.
The sale barn in Fort Collins was acommodating and very cooperative as to our cause and reason for entering their arena.  We are very grateful to have had their cooperation and the cooperation of other local buyers who frequent the auctions on a regular basis.
While we had the six Gill, CO horses safe, there were a few others that we couldn't help but reach out to; one 10-13 year old gelding who is a rack of bones, a little pony who ran through with a halter that was torn apart, whose hooves are a lot too long, and a beautiful palomino paint mare, 7 years old and is ranch trained.  Typically horses that are not bid on by individuals at auction will end up on feedlots where they are sorted for resale or slaughter depending on their training levels, etc.  This is a sad fate and the cause comes from economics, over breeding, individual horse owners that don't know any better, abandonment and more. 
Horses sell by the pound at auction.  These horses averaged between .11 and .60 per lb.  Our total bill for buyback on these horses was just over $4,200 when all was said and done.
Our work is not over, now they are safe with us and six of these horses have permanent homes to call their own after we recover them. Tomorrow, our veterinarian will be visiting to geld the pony, perform dentals on those who need it and assess the very thin gelding for his recovery chances.  Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to raise a total of $6,621.00 toward this group of horses. 
Funding raised in excess will go toward medical bills, feed and farrier work for these horses and others that need help in the future.
Moving forward, Denkai is working to educate the community and reach out with resources for individual horse owners such as hay, gelding costs, and other veterinary care needs.
Our website can be viewed at: and Denkai's Farm Facility can be reached at (970) 895-2337 or by e-mailing: 
Photos Below Courtesy Tumbleweed Photography/Lesa Totten.
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