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Kill Lot Mare Rescue 2013



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Two foals are born!  Denkai took in three pregnant mares on February 23, 2013 on the day they were to ship to slaughter.  These mares were pregnant with babies in their bellies that were nearly to term.  The fate that awaited these special girls was nothing short of a horror novel.  The mares were to have been shipped to Mexico for slaughter, cut with a knife at the withers, strung up to die and their unborn, nearly completely developed foals would have been cut from their bellies and tossed to the side to fade away and die.

Thank goodness for second chances and kind hearts!  When Susan Williams, DVM and Kari Boxleitner and Marco Abrego, all of Loveland, CO stepped up to fundraise and foster these horses for Denkai Animal Sanctuary, she saved their lives. She gave them something to believe in and a reason to live another day as if it were their last.

These mares and foals are very obviously from good stock. The babies are well built, muscular and have been extremely healthy.  While two of the three pregnant mares have birthed their foals, we still have a third who is looking like she may give birth any day now.

All of these amazing horses are seeking permanent homes and Denkai is taking applications for their adoptions.. In the meantime, contributions in the form of cash donations, hay, mare and foal grain, beet pulp, and wood or paper shavings are needed on an on-going basis in order to continue their care.

Interested in helping?  Donations can be dropped off at Denkai Animal Sanctuary 217 First Street in Eaton, CO 80615, made online by clicking any donation button with the note Mares and Foals in the donation or by calling (970) 454-3353.

Want to Adopt? E-mail us at for an application.

Thank you for helping us to save lives, we couldn't do it without you!
Read Below for the full life-saving story regarding these amazing survivors.

These horses are available for adoption through and at Denkai Animal Sanctuary's Grover facility (970) 895-2337

                                                                                           ADOPTED! Thanks Paulette D!
Mayme is an older quarter horse mare, she is definitely in           Satori, This special 6-7 year old Quarter horse Mare is
foal and acts as though she hasn't had too much handling         amazing, beautiful, trained, leads, loads trailers like a champ
but is very willing, she acts as though she has had a rough        she has had a lot of good training and has been ridden.
run, a bit head shy, but with a kind touch, we think she
will come right around.

Update 3.9.2013: Mayme is currently being fostered by the Amazing Kari Boxlietner
and Marco Abrego of Loveland.  Kari is  Certified Financial Planner in Loveland and competitive barrel racer. I’m a member of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) She and her husband Marco who is not only a team roper, but trains and cares for all of their own horses daily have been incredible

Thanks to a referral from Zuma's of Littleton, CO.  With numerous horses of their own to manage, Kari and Marco
still opened their home to Mayme. They are working with her daily to gentle her and re-train her and have also aided Denkai in securing a semi-load of hay for the Grover Facility from Canada. Marco has since donated his time trimming four of Denkai's rescued mares.

Kari pictured below with Mayme working on trust.

WREN Pictured below will be going home with her buddy
Satori thanks to Paulette!
Wren is a gorgeous TB Appy. She stands about 16 hh. Has       Christine is between 9-12 years old. Quarterhorse mare,
had a lot of handling, rideable, leads, loads, trailers, more          is easy to handle, leads, loads, trailers, very well mannered
info coming as we evaluate her and get her hooves trimmed     has been handled well.  She is in foal and due any day

ADOPTED! Thank you Caroline Corey!
Caroline is a 9-12 year old Bay TB mare.  She is in foal.                This mare is in need of placement through Shiloh Acres
Our guess is that she is around 9-10 months or more along          Call (970) 218-6351 to help her out.
She leads, loads and trailers wonderfully, follows you around
like a puppy and has respect for space too. What a doll!

Pictured below: Caroline with her sponsor and savior Caroline
Corey is already at home in her barn near Littleton, CO!

Caroline's due date is estimated to be sometime in June!
We can't wait for a foal update!

TB appy mare again, Wren.  She is thin and will be working on                          Christine and Hope, two pregnant bay QH
weight gain and recovery as we continue to seek out a permanent home          mares, due any day, very sweet!
for her.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary

URGENT: Denkai Supporters, we need some help to save the two VERY pregnant mares from this list that will be shipped to slaughter. Their Ransom will cost $600 each, would anybody be willing to sponsor them in coming to Denkai Animal Sanctuary? to contribute or call us today with your pledge (970) 895-2337 - if we don't raise it, we can't help them.
Regardles of laws against shipping pregnant mares to slaughter, it happens every day.
How to Contribute:
Website: and click any donation button
Mail: 36710 WCR 126  Grover, CO 80729
From Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue, who has been on site with these mares:

URGENT Feedlot horses

Updated 13 hours ago
Sadly it is that time of year again, when pregnant mares wind up on feedlots awaiting slaughter :( Was at a feedlot pulling some other horses today, and came across some 5 or 6 mares that seem to be pregnant. I unfortunately found out about them at the very last minute: they are supposed to be shipped to slaughter tomorrow morning sometime... so I am not sure of the possibility of finding any of them homes before then, but thought it was worth a try. 2 of them are DEFINITELY pregnant, while the others certainly LOOK like they could be pregnant (but it is hard to say for sure without having a vet do an actual preg-check). I was in such a hurry to get other horses from the lot loaded up and hauled to their vet appointment on schedule that I didn't really have time to get good photos of every mare :( But they all appear to be QH, they all seem to be approachable and people friendly, their feet are all in ok/decent shape, and legs seem to be mostly clean. 2 of the mares appear to be older, and are thin with big bellies (again, they look like they COULD be pregnant, but I don't know that for sure). The rest are in pretty good/great weight. 1 bay mare in particular is HUGELY pregnant, but I managed to not get a good photo of her (you can see part of her in one of these other photos). If you are at all interested in any of these mares (and have the resources and knowledge available to properly care for a pregnant mare), please get in contact with us tonight so we can let Shiloh Acres know and see if they can get them pulled from the lot before they ship out.

Update: 2/23/2013

Weld County, CO - Pregnant Mare Update: The Vicious Cycle of Horse Slaughter
It is a myth that only old crippled horses are sent to slaughter.  Having facilitated numerous slaughter horse rescues from across the United States, we can say first hand that the bulk of the horses we have seen shipped to slaughter are young, nearly to term pregnant, are foals that become the byproduct of the PMU industry, are paints that didn't throw color and were tossed aside because they didn't sell off of a breeding farm and some are from individual homes who could no longer care for them.  Even better yet, some of these horses have led successful lives on the race track or as show horses.  They come from all walks of life and most are young..
Together with Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue and help from Front Range Equine Rescue, we committed to 11 feedlot horses. Nine of these are mares that are 8 or more months pregnant.  For those of you that gave funding to this effort, you saved two lives for the price of one from a fate worse than death. 
Tomorrow the horses will be moved off of the feedlot to be evaluated at rescue and then will be available for placement with adopters or fosters after Monday of next week.
To ADOPT or FOSTER one of these horses, please visit our website at; 
Below are some rough photos, we will have more and better ones posted as of this weekend of all horses individually.  Though we were able to raise enough in pull fees ($600 per horse), our groups will be taking on hay and veterinary care costs as they continue with their pregnancies and until they are placed. 
The cost of caring for one horse per month is now averaging $200 without veterinary bills.  Some of these horses have fungal skin issues-2 head total (Avg. $50/head), snotty noses that will require antibiotics (Avg. $20 per head) and will need basic care such as worming ($4.00 per head) and vaccinations ($15.00 per head).  These prices are a bit lower thanks to Denkai's Veterinary Care Clinic.
Please consider providing sponsorship to one of these deserving horses, visit our website here:, visit Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue to sponsor one of the horses in their care as well. 
Even if you don't have $200 to give monthly, consider becoming a monthly supporter for $25.00 instead!
Providing rescue services to horses and farm animals is at the heart of Denkai, if you aren't familiar with our current Capital Campaign that will secure our 640 acre facility, please consider reading all about it: or consider attending our Wags to Wishes Gala March 16, 2013.