Animals & Youth in Crisis
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Plans For The Future

With our Grover facility secured, our door is wide open for continued success and growth.

Expansion and Growth:

Pet Animals/Dogs

Addition of facilities for dogs: currently we have three yard areas for dogs but we need to upgrade existing dog facilities and need to expand in order  to make a difference in the lives of those that need us.

Overnight Stays/Camping/Bunks

Addition of bunkhouses to provide for  overnight accommodations for the general public during equine clinics, visits to adopt and animal, and  as housing for volunteers.  This will bring in  funding for the facility.

Specialty Crops
We envision a greenhouse that will provide growth of organic specialty crops and vegetables to be sold through partnership with area stores and farmers markets.

Facility for Youth In Need

Facilities and housing for youth in crisis.  It has always been a vision for Denkai to have on-site housing for youth in crisis.  These youth would aid in running the facility as part of their rehabilitation.  We envision providing participants with opportunities and  skills training that will help them function as they graduate this program. They can help with everything from daily chores to grant writing, planning, hands on activities and more.

Vacation Destination

We envision group vacation retreats and serving as a destination for persons interested in volunteering on a working farm.

Financial records are available on our website and by request. 


Contact us directly at:

Floss Blackburn: (970) 217-1457

Denkai Facility: (970) 895-2337

36710 WCR 126

Grover, CO 80729

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