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Please enjoy some of our many Happy Tails & Rescue Stories! Or, better yet; if you feel like creating your own happy tail.. please visit us at our Adoption Center!

May 2012:

Hi Denkai!
We adopted Dollar last October. We renamed him Apollo  I think he has grown 2 inches (at least he seems like he has) because he is well over 16 hands now. He is doing awesome and had his first 4h horse show this past Sunday.  We are so proud of everything he has been able to do.  He is a beautiful  western pleasure horse.  Barrels were funny (he treated them like they were going to jump out and get him) but he will begin to understand. He also does ranch horse well. He gets along beautifully with our mare and is such a good guy. Thank you  so much for allowing us to add him to our family!

Thanks again!

Dollar (On far right) Before                                                           Dollar After, Now Apollo


Dollar along with the above pictured horses and two ponies was rescued when a dude operation closed it's doors at Chatfield and Cherry Creek State Parks in January of 2011.  This particular individual overbred his horses, ended up with two many, lost his lease with the State Park and had more than 65 head of mostly untrained and very green horses.  Denkai and Colorado Horse rescue were among two organizations that stepped forward to aid the horses.

April 2012

I adopted Rhedd Butler (i call him Cowboy) a year ago. He was said to be a little high strung and sometimes aggressive I couldn't have asked for a better horse. I was dead set on adopting him even when the employees of Denkai insisted on a more gentle mare.  He is doing fantastic in
training and here soon will be starting barrels. I have never had an aggressive issue with him nor has any of the various people I have had work with him. My disabled father even goes out and rides him from time to time.

December 2011:
Jake, the blind chocolate lab has found the most amazing forever home with Andy!  We are so humbled and grateful for Andy's generosity and big heart!  Jake is living the high life!

Watch this YouTube video of Gmangotit, a 7 year old Thoroughbred  gelding that came to Denkai in October of 2011. He has 30,000 in winnings and just stopped racing in 2010..

Stay tuned for updates from Gmangotit's new home!

Hi, Floss! I wanted write you a quick note to let you know that Miss Chickadee is doing great! As my husband says, she's in the process of getting us trained according to her exacting Pom standards. As I type this, she’s lying in my lap, demanding to have her belly scratched!

Her first few days with us were pretty much anarchy, but that is to be expected with Pomeranian divas. She would bark incessantly from the moment she was placed in an enclosure until she was placed on a lap, refused any meal that had even a whiff of dog food in it, peed and pooped pretty much anywhere, and objected loudly and at great length (three or more hours!) about her nighttime sleeping arrangements. 

All of this has changed quite rapidly, thanks to compromises from all parties. She now understands that the enclosure is not a bad place…that there’s a decent chance a meal is coming when she’s placed there. She’s eating a healthy combo of roasted turkey breast mixed with a raw-dehydrated buffalo-vegetable mix. She’s becoming pretty consistent about using a potty pad. 

After several failed experiments, we have even found suitable sleeping arrangements! We got her a Pet Co-Sleeper Bed (it’s almost the same height as the human bed), and put it next to me. (We don’t allow Pomeranians on the human bed because the injury risk from falling or jumping is just too high.) She feels that she is sleeping with her humans, and is very happy about that. She now settles down for her nightly beauty rest without complaint.

We understand she was a cast-off from a breeder or puppy mill. But she seems to be accustomed to the good life. She is a very trusting dog, and shows no signs of having been mistreated. She enjoys lap-sitting, belly-rubs, and watching TV or YouTube! Whenever she sees a dog on the screen, she growls and barks…even at her own image! She’s the first Pom we’ve ever had (we’ve fostered or adopted seven before her) who enjoys being brushed! She does seem to be pretty hard of hearing, but she’ll bark right along with our other dogs when they raise a ruckus.

Big thanks to Denkai Animal Sanctuary for rescuing Chickadee and other wonderful animals. And huge thanks for allowing us to adopt her!! 

Dear Floss,
I adopted my Doberman Pinscher Apollo 2 years ago from your organization (at the time he was 10 months old and had been abandoned).  He's the love of my life.  Attached is a recent picture of him.  Just after he was adopted in 2009, I ordered dog beds and had them sent to your shelter. Today I donated $100 to help out.  I am forever grateful to your organization for allowing me to adopt him, and he's such a wonderful part of my life.  I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know. He's happy, healthy and has a great home with me.

Thanks so much, and best wishes to you and your volunteers for your continued service, hard work and dedication at the center.

Nancy Cowan

It was so nice seeing you at Pestmart today!! Attached are some pics of Murry (formerly Chex). He is such a wonderful dog and we love him so much!! He has brought tons of joy to our life and is a true blessing, even our cat Abby likes him! :) He loves long walks, playing with the neighbor dogs, snuggles, peanut butter treats, and any toy that squeaks.

Murry is spoiled rotten and everyone who meets him falls in love with him! He is the biggest love bug! We cannot thank you enough for helping us adopt such a wonderful dog! I can't imagine life without our little Murry! Adopting animals is the best!!!! Both Murry and our cat are adopted and they are the sweetest most loyal pets! Denkai does amazing things so keep up the good work!

Take care,

Michelle & Jeff Johnson 

Ashes (left), my Rotten Dane - age 5, and my SWEET pitbull Petunia (right) - who we adopted from Denkai in May. She loves to "go swimming" and splash in her wading pool, and tries to give Ashes kisses all the time. She also likes to chew on bones, and loves to play with her "baby" (a stuffed animal)--just like Ashes does (so they each have their own)!! Ashes is glad he doesn't have to be lonely anymore!

Thanks for introducing me to Petunia and letting her join our family!


Lisa Youngwirth

-Maggie was rescued from a Wyoming Animal Shelter and came to Denkai with a treatable eye infection for which she would have otherwise been euthanized.

Hi Floss,
It's been two years since I adopted my little Maggie (she was DeeDee at Denkai). A lot has happened. She and I were doing just fine and she was my little lover girl. Always sweet and cuddly...very much the baby and happy she didn't have to share my affection.

Well a little over a year ago I ended up having to take my niece's infant in as a Foster child when he was taken away from a Meth house. I had never been a mother and didn't know what to do. I worried Maggie would not adjust to it either. However, because she had been a mommy in her previous home, she knew exactly what to do. Instead of being jealous of the attention I gave Austin, she became his best buddy and adopted him. Those first nights he was here and he would cry, she would run to him and snuggle him and kiss him and just lay beside him. They have a tight bond as you can see in the attached picture.
So, I just wanted to tell you once again how thankful I am for the sweet girl you rescued for me. She is happy in her forever home and loves her family. I wish you and DenKai nothing but blessings in the wonderful work you do.

All my best,
Donna Webb

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Rosie is perhaps the most precious little girl many of us have ever known. Her story is nothing short of miraculous, so similar to those you may view on Animal Cops.

Rosie is a 4 year old Chihuahua, she grew up at a local Fort Collins Dairy in a home with many people and children whom she absolutely adored. Rosie would anxiously wait for the School bus every day looking for the children and following them home. Rosie's life was no cake walk. She resided under the trailer house with her own family of dogs.

One day all of this changed for Rosie, she was running along her merry way as she did every day when she was run over by a truck. Rosie, in an enormous amount of pain was placed by her owners on their front porch step next to a filthy jacket and a dead starling that the cat had brought as an offering. The weather was below freezing that day. She lay for two days, in shock and freezing on the front porch of this run down house with her frozen bowl of milk next to her. Her pain was unbearable.A kind woman came to Rosie's rescue after two days had gone by. Dawn from Fort Collins saw this poor little girl and immediately came to her rescue. Dawn was able to gain ownership of Rosie and set to calling every rescue group she could find asking for help for this little girl. Dawn had x-rays done and discovered that Rosie needed an orthopedic surgeon immediately. Dawn Contact Denkai Animal Sanctuary, we were happy to send out an e-mail requesting help.

Lori Montano brought her down to Downtown Animal Clinic here in Denver, where Dr. Umlauf, the premier orthopedic veterinary surgeon in Colorado, performed the necessary surgery to fix her several injuries.

There were, I believe, four fractures to repair, including one of her acetabulum/femoral head area. There were no dislocations, so there shouldn't be a problem in the future with aseptic necrosis of the femoral head often caused if this kind of injury is not repaired quickly.

Dr. Umlauf donated all of his time to perform the surgery, and more importantly paid the clinic to use the surgical suite and the facilities for her subsequent recovery out of his own pocket. If there is any way donations for this pup could be used to pay some of the vet clinic expenses, it would it be much appreciated.

Thank you all for all of your concern and help with this sweet girl. She wins the hearts of everyone with whom she comes in contact and I am so glad she will have a caring and responsible home to go to. In particular, thanks to Dawn who showed the concern in the first place to rescue this pup from her former owners who left her to languish in pain, and who continues to check in with Lori every day to find out how she's doing. Thanks to Floss Blackburn of Denkai Sanctuary who sent out the appeal. Thanks to Lori Montano who contacted the surgeon after I forwarded Floss' email to her. Thanks to Dr. Emily for keeping in touch with the surgeon to get regular updates that I can pass along to all concerned. Thanks to Bob for giving this sweet pup a home when she's ready to leave the clinic. Thanks to Dr. McManus and Mary and all the staff at the Downtown Animal Clinic for their time and care and concern for this pup. And a very special thanks to Dr. Ed Umlauf who performed the surgeries on this sweet an gel pup out of his own pocket.

And most importantly, thank you to Bob Grube (pictured here with Rosie), board-member for Denkai Animal Sanctuary for giving Rosie the best home she could have ever hoped for!

Hi Floss,
 Just wanted to send you an update. Lexi (Sara) went on her  first camping trip to Alta Lakes (near Telluride) about a week ago. She had a great time stalking birds, chasing chipmunks and playing in the lake. Haven't gotten her to swim by herself yet, but she made a few valiant attempts at it.

I attached some pictures of her and Noah swimming and warming up afterwards. Hope everything is well and thanks again.                 

This is Sierra and Paco (known as Chuck while at the sanctuary) they have been the best friends since the day he came home. Paco was one of the dogs rescued from Louisiana. He sure has found a great home with Sierra!

This is Max the Pig, he was transferred to us from Denver Dumb Friends league and found his forever home with Lyn Vrany near Grand Junction, CO!

Hello Floss,

I just read your latest email about the miracle horses. How awesome that 2 of them have found homes! I'm sending you pictures of our "miracle". Jessica has been so impressed with what a great horse Apache has turned into.

I told her we've always thought he was a great horse! Yesterday when we were out for our training session, my daughter and I both rode him. Let me just tell you how wonderful that was! I still haven't been able to peel the smile off my daughter's face. Due to his size and temperament, Jessica thinks he's going to be a perfect kid's horse, so it looks like my daughter will probably be riding him the most. I want to thank you again (and it probably won't be the last) for allowing us to foster/adopt Apache. He has been a wonderful addition to the family. We are absolutely in love with him. I'm attaching pictures for you of our ride and one of a recent visit out to see him at nap time.


Well it has been about six months since I adopted Athena and she is doing great. When I first took her to the vet they looked at her and settled on calling her a lab/boxer mix (she's too narrow for any of the bully breeds) however about a month ago my mom (who is a dog fanatic) found the evidence she was looking for to call Athena a Lab/Greyhound mix. The picture of the greyhound that she found looked exactly like Athena! But the true mixture really doesn't matter her real nature is a flirt and con artist!
I have yet to meet a person that Athena has not been able to win over in under five minutes! I have personally watch her con a cashier out of a rawhide with one look. She graduated from basic obedience school about a month ago and loves to greet the neighborhood kids on her walks. I've attached some pictures for you and will keep you updated.

I took Ginny for a home visit to Tanja's and it was love at first sight, especially for Ginny. She romped and roamed all through the house and decided that Tanja's bed looked pretty darn inviting. Invite herself she did! Right into the middle of that bed, never mind the cat that had made it's headquarters there. This was her home and nobody was going to tell her otherwise!

Well, Tanja couldn't help but fall for Ginny's outgoing personality and they have been a great pair, along with the cat who has decided that Ginny can stay. Ginny has had to undergo surgery for Cherry eyes and some dental issues, so hopefully this will be the last of it!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how our Denkai adoption worked out. We went in to Petsmart in December 2006 to buy dog food, and came home with a dog! Zoey (formally known as Chloe) just seemed to call to my daughter and she begged me to give her a new home and friend for our other rescue schnauzer Milo. I worried how they would get along, and they have become fast friends. She is definitely the alpha dog and she butts right in for attention when she wants it. We take great joy in watching the two of them play. She spends countless hours in the yard chasing and stalking squirrels, and has a goofy personality and we love her.

Zoey is probably Rat Terrier or Jack Russell and some wirehair terrier and was one of the rescues from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. She had been treated for worms and we have never had any further health issues with her.

Thanks for adding to my family...even if it wasn't very planned!

Penny Kidd and family

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