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If you are somebody who loves animals, but just doesn't have the room or time to Adopt or Foster, then sponsoring one of our animals is the answer! For a small donation each month, you can help ensure that the animal you have sponsored will have food, bedding, and that their veterinary costs will be covered. Sponsorship is also a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Sponsorship is broken into two categories:

Full and Partial

Full Sponsorship

Full sponsorship means that you pay the monthly rates posted below and you are the sole sponsor of that animal. A full sponsor bi-monthly updates about your animal along with the opportunity to visit that animal in person. As a full sponsor you are the sole contributor for the well-being of the animal you have chosen.

Partial Sponsorship

Partial sponsorship is an economical way to sponsor an animal at the sanctuary. You pay as much as you can towards the animal you want to sponsor. A partial sponsor receives an email with the animal's story and picture along with the opportunity to visit the animal in person. If you are a partial sponsor remember that you are sharing this animal with other sponsors, so please be sensitive if there is another individual who is sponsoring with you and would like time with the sponsored animal.

 Monthly Sponsorship Suggestions

 Horse & Large Mule
 Miniature Horses & Donkeys
 Dog  $100
 Pot Bellied Pig
 Llama  $100
 Goat  $75
 Sheep  $75
 Turkey  $40
Sponsorships can also be paid on a quarterly, or yearly basis!

Animals in Need of Sponsorship!

Contact us for More information if you do not see it listed!

Sponsor fees for animals go towards:

Sponsored Adoption Fees: Helps our network of rescue and shelter facilities to find forever homes and make the adoption more enticing!!

Medical Bills: Surgeries, Testing for Cancer, Emergency Surgeries, Vaccinations, Worming and more.  These benefit community individuals and shelter/rescue pets.

Feed and Training Costs: So very important and they can't live without or find homes without these needs being covered.


Three little pigs - Just $15.00 Monthly will provide food for them!

Scally - This old girl has Sponsorship and a foster home!

Princess - ADOPTED!

Princess is a gorgeous Appaloosa Cross Mare, she is 12 years old and this is her second time with Denkai after having a wonderful adopter for the past four years.  They downsized, retired and moved to town.  She has been wonderful for Jess to handle and work with. She really does love people and until we can find the perfect person for her, she will need your help!  Princess is having some issues with her hooves in terms of being sore, so that is definitely going to be our largest expense with her at this point in diagnosing what is going on.  She LOVES carrots too!


We just can't get enough of this reservation pony. She thinks like a mustang, is incredibly intelligent, though a bit spooky (we are working with her on trust). For the right person if they come along, she is going to be phenomenal! In the meantime, your sponsorship will help toward her feed, training, and medical costs!

Paul and Peter 
These two rambunctious goat buddies are the highlight of our day here at Denkai! They love people, love food and LOVE to talk!  They also love carrots and apples!  So if you have the heart to sponsor and drop by to visit them once in a while, they will surely appreciate you!