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Denkai has a unique story and is a unique organization.  Thus our founder felt the need for a logo that would set Denkai apart.  For the first four years of Denkai's existence, our founder struggled with a logo that would relay all aspects of the organization's services in a simple and memorable way.

Here is the story behind Denkai's logo....

The Handprint

In 2007, Denkai's Founder was contacted by the Humane Society of the United States to aid the "Miracle Horse Rescue" in Cheyenne, WY.  A truckload of 33 horses had been dumped at the Cheyenne stockyard after a ruling had shut down the last horse slaughter plant in the United States. These 33 horses were on the slaughter plan floor headed to their final destination..a cruel death. They could smell the blood and feel the fear of horses that had gone before them. 

They were some of the lucky ones, loaded back onto a semi truck and hauled from the Dekalb, IL slaughter plant, these horses endured 4 separate multi-day hauls without food or water to sustain them until their kill buyer finally dumped them in Cheyenne, WY.

Denkai not only aided in facilitating the rescue and recovery of these horses, we took in seven of them, all very special.  One of these was a horse named Survivor, a 30 year old Tennessee Walker Gelding.  He had a hand print brand on his hip.  Survivor was adopted and is still living today, an amazing story, an even more amazing horse.  His brand is now featured as part of the Denkai logo. 

To Denkai, this logo represents the animals we care for through one of the most amazing rescue stories nationally and the youth we incorporate into our programs.

Survivor Before                                                                Survivor After


The Mud

Our Founder grew up in the southwest part of Colorado with a heavy influence in Native American Indian culture.  Having grown up with parents that were archaeologist and guides on the native reservations in the four corners area, the mud background of this logo represents the background and hand prints that are visibly seen as rock art, pictographs and petroglyphs.  The turquoise coloring of the hand represents the much used turquoise rock in Native Cultures of the southwest.

This logo strongly represents the earth, human and animal elements of Denkai's mission, we hope that its story will reach far and wide!