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Urgent Horses

Due to a large amount of requests for horses in urgent need, we have decided to place this page on our website.

We will post horses in need here due to:

  • Abandonment
  • Kill Auctions
  • Pregnant mares that have been dumped at kill auctions
  • Feedlot Horses to be shipped for slaughter
  • Cruelty and Neglect Cases
  • Owner Surrenders due to extreme circumstances.

In order to not have to scramble for funding to help these horses at the last minute, we have created the Emergency Equine Fund.  The purpose of this fund will be to assist owners in need through providing one time funding for veterinary care, farrier, and feed and to be utilized as Bail out funds for Equine with nowhere to turn.

We are finding that being able to provide some assistance to horse owners in need has been very successful and we have not experienced any recidivism so far with this program.  Not only have we been able to educate horse owners, but also get resources for feed and other care to them through gelding programs, farrier care and continue to follow up with how they are doing.

This year so far, in working together with Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue, our groups were able to rescue a total of 16 horses, 10 of which were pregnant mares the day they were to be shipped to slaughter in Mexico.  Most all of these horses have now been placed in loving, responsible homes.

We have started out here with a goal of $20,000 for this year, though in the future, plan to grow this fund to $100,000.

To date we have a total of $1500 to help horses in need. 4/24/2013


Five Horses near Grand Junction need homes!

We received a phone call from a lady that was renting a house. The house she was renting went bankrupt and sadly is forced to move out. She has been given sometime to move and find homes for her horses. On top of this, she is no longer financially and physically able to care for them.

All horses have had soft and proper handling.

We first networked these horses for homes and because there was not enough time to screen folks prior to the owner having to move, we are bringing these five horses to Denkai as of this Friday, October 18, 2013. If you are interested in Fostering or Adopting, please do let us know!

Please contact for more information and interest in re-homing.

1. Willie: Registered Appaloosa Gelding, 19 Years Old.

Training: Willie the appaloosa is broke, he hasn’t been ridden in several years so he will need an experienced rider to work with him, it won’t take long, he is very responsive and needs a rider with soft hands. He will do anything you ask as long as he knows what you are asking.

2. Stormy Doc (Stormin Normin) (Stormy): 16 years old, registered quarter horse gelding.

Training: Has not been ridden. Most likely good with feet, halter, leading, loading. Good ground work/manners.

3. Maggie: 7 year old paint Tennessee Walker/Kentucky Mountain Horse.

Training: Maggie has had extensive ground work and has had a saddle on her back.

4. Brassi's April Rien (Reiny) Registered Palomino, quarter horse mare. 14 years old and is Stormy's sister.

Training: Has not been ridden. Most likely good with feet, halter, leading, loading. Good ground work/manners.

5. Lena (Maggies mother): paint Tennesee Walker/ Saddle Bred mare who is 17 years old. Missing one eye do to a pitch fork accident in 2003.

Training: Lena the Tennessee Walker has been ridden but it has been along time, when she lost her eye and that was in 2003. She was in training at the time.

Donkey Adoption/Foster Application Inquiry

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  An application will be e-mailed to you upon receipt

21 Donkeys and 5 pregnant Arabian Mares

In urgent need of homes after cruelty seizures in Colorado

Denkai Animal Sanctuary has taken possession of 21 donkeys, whose story is relayed below.  10 of these donkeys are pregnant Jennys, 1 jenny foaled her baby on the trailer during the rescue effort and that little one is now 8 days old.  The remaining 10 donkeys are all jacks who will be gelded this week and available for placement in homes.

These donkeys will need socialization and handling, but will come around with the right work.  For people interested in adopting or fostering one of them, please contact us at (970) 895-2337 or info@denkaisanctuary.or
From the 7 news website:

Posted: 05/23/2013
Last Updated: 6 days ago

OTERO COUNTY, Colo. - More than a dozen abandoned donkeys were rescued in Otero County in Southern Colorado this week by the Colorado Humane Society, SPCA, Otero County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Forest Service

The donkeys were abandoned on national forest land by their owner, according to the Colorado Humane Society.

"The forest service and our agents wish to thank the Picket Wire Canyonlands permittees for their help in resolving the situation," said Katrina Schou, chief investigator for the Colorado Humane Society. "No matter the circumstance, there is no excuse for abandoning and neglecting these animals. Owners need to find alternative placement for these animals if they cannot be cared for any longer."

Officials said the owner of the donkeys will be charged with animal abandonment and multiple counts of trespassing on forest land.

The donkeys are being cared for at the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center near Franktown.

Media Stories regarding these donkeys:

Thank you to Tumbleweed Photography for Amazing Photos!


Thank you to Jolene and Family of        Thank you to Patty of Saratoga, WY for adopting  Thank you to Ken and Carla for adopting these two
Mancos, CO for adopting this adorable    Snow White and Kenny!                                    gorgeous pregnant Arabian mares!
red donkey!


FIVE Heavily Pregnant Arabian Mares Need homes immediately!

These five pregnant mares were victims of a cruelty siezure here in northern Colorado and all are very close to giving birth.  They have not had a lot of handling, but are very curious and gentle ages are ranging from 10-15 years. They will require foster homes or adopters that are working with a trainer or have experience with unhandled horses.

Listing of Arabian Names and Descriptions

1. Georgia - Age TBD - ~15hh, Clean Slate, needs handling/gentling - White Mare
2. Alaska - Age 12 years ~ 14.3hh, Very friendly, lots of potential with this mare - Sorrel Mare
3. #226 is Arizona - 11 years ~ 15 hh - Very friendly, walks up and wants attention, again a clean slate. - Gray Mare
4. # 242 is Maryland - 15 years ~ 14.3 hh - Friendly, needs more handling/gentling, clean slate - Bay Mare
5. #240 is Louisiana - 10 years ~15 hh - VERY friendly, LOTS of potential: Has Foste
r - Sorrel Mare
SAFE!  5/1/2013

Update: 4/30/2013: These horses have been moved to the auction yard by the brand inspector and will run through tomorrow. Denkai is set to bid on them and get them to safety, but still needs people to consider fostering or adoption of these six horses. Call (970) 895-2337 to help out. We are taking continuted contributions towards their veterinary, feed and farrier care needs.  



ACTION ALERT: 4/16/2013

Six horses that were abandoned by their owner last August are heading to a local kill auction in the next 10 days. These horses have been rescued in the small town of Gill, CO. A town that will make you cringe when you drive in. I won't yet get into the monstrosities that are happening in this town to livestock and dogs, but will tell you it is hell on earth for our animal friends. 

Our best guess due to the brand markings on these horses is that they were brought to Colorado from Mexico originally.

A good Samaritan took these six horses in to care for them last August after their owner abandoned them. Mommas and babies, older gelding, all nice horses after their owner stopped feeding them and then walked out and left them to fend for themselves. They lived on tree bark for a long time and finally became a rack of bones.

They all look great now, but because of Colorado livestock laws, these horses have to be declared as strays on a 10 day hold and are slated to run through a local kill auction either May 1 or May 8, 2013.

Denkai has been in the field and able to get hands on all of these horses. There are two ponies, the paint mare and the dark bay pony.  The gray mare is the momma of the buckskin 8 month old foal, and the mid-teens gelding and Baby TB mare have been ridden in the past. The bay was used for racing and stands over 16 hh.

They CAN be helped, Denkai is seeking funding totaling $1,500 to purchase them back from auction and keep them safe. A few of these horses have permanent, loving homes that are willing to take them in already if we can save them.