Animals & Youth in Crisis
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What Denkai Grover Is and Does

What Denkai’s Grover Facility Is:

  • Not for profit 501c3 organization founded in 2004 by Floss Blackburn
  • Vision: Promoting healthy environments in which people and animals interact and connect through applied, environmental and educational experiences that promote mental and physical health.
  • 640 Acres comprised of  three parcels of land.
  • This is the ONLY facility of its kind available for Equine and farm animal needs servicing Colorado,Wyoming,Nebraska, Kansas Oklahoma, and South Dakota.
  • 227 acres set aside for wildlife (CRP Program)
  • 156 Acres farmed in Organic Wheat.

 What the Denkai’s Grover Facility does:

  • Provide housing for up to 200 horses, farm animals, dogs and cats on a daily basis.
  • Assists other national and local rescue groups as a holding facility for animals in need or passing through.
  • Provides 227 acres of grassland for native species: antelope, nesting birds, owls and more.
  • Grows organic wheat for human consumption
  • Provides training and rehabilitation programs for equine and youth in crisis.
  • Educates the general public regarding care of large animals.
  • Training and rehabilitation of neglected animals.
  • Partnering with area organizations for program outreach.
    • FFA
    • Prison Programs
    • 4-H
    • Weld County Youth Corp
    • Reflections for Youth
    • Turning Point
    • North Range
    • Area Schools (over 6000 youth reached)

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Santana, 29 Yr Stallion Before (2009)   Santana After, Gelded and now 32 yrs.


Antelope at Denkai                              Miracle, a partially paralyzed piglet


Wheat Harvest