Animals & Youth in Crisis
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What We Need:

                            Your support!

$383,000 by May 2013 to pay off a balloon payment on existing mortgage..

Below are options for us at this point in time if we are unable to raise $383,000 in full during our campaign.

An individual or business to finance the  balance of $383,000 for us beginning in May 2013..

Partial funding to be raised to pay down the note and then an individual or business finance the balance.

This facility purchase consists of 640 acres, corrals, barn, pastures, farm ground and 276 acres set aside for wildlife. Denkai’s income and community support has more than doubled from 2009-2012.

We need to raise $383,000 by May 1, 2013. Your contribution is tax deductible as Denkai is a 501(c) 3 public charity. As a donor to this effort, you will be recognized through on-site plaques among other special efforts

For more information please refer to our entire website or contact

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  1. Financial and Purchase History of Denkai Grover
  2. What we need by When
  3. What Denkai Grover Is and Does
  4. Who We Help
  5. Why This Facility is Important
  6. Plans for the Future

Thank You!

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