Animals & Youth in Crisis
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Why This Grover Facility is Important:

  • Denkai Grover is the only facility of its kind in our area and surrounding states.
  • Denkai Grover is financially sustainable through various funding sources such as CRP, Wheat Crops and Minerals, setting it up to succeed in the future.
  • Denkai’s Grover facility offers options for expansion for the future.
  • Denkai is nationally known and has been instrumental in the success of numerous rescue groups in the area.

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  1. Financial and Purchase History of Denkai Grover
  2. What we need by When
  3. What Denkai Grover Is and Does
  4. Who We Help
  5. Why This Facility is Important
  6. Plans for the Future
Denkai Wheat Crops


Rescued Mustang Horses are Among 30+ Equine At Denkai