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 "Strength is when you are put on the
  path you wouldn't choose."
- Written by Serena S., Age 14

Through area youth programs, Denkai Sanctuary has helped to expose the pattern of abuse seen in humans when transferred from objects to animals, then on to people.  Many of Denkai’s animals have been subject to such a pattern in their past.  Denkai works to prevent such abuses from happening through working with youth at-risk programs such as Turning Point of Fort Collins, Colorado and Weld County Mentors and Friends of Greeley, Colorado.

Programs for Youth-in-Crisis through Denkai help to teach compassion for animals, people and our environment.  This paves the way to prevention of drug and alcohol abuse by encouraging these youth to become productive members of society through hands on activities at Denkai’s facilities. Denkai has been influential in tutoring youth that would have otherwise dropped out of school due to academic hardship or problems at home.  The Sanctuary has taken in and housed the homeless, veterans, and youth in crisis over the last seven years.

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Jared's Angels Equine Program

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Jared was originally from California.  He moved to Colorado with his father in search of a better life and a dream.. To ride Bulls.  Jared attended Charlie Sampson's bull riding school where his personality and pure talent placed him at the top of his class.  Jared began volunteering with Denkai when he was 20 years old.  He worked with some of our most difficult animals who were showing aggression issues toward people and other animals.  One of these was a 10 year old Arabian Paint gelding named Rascal.  This horse would, without signal, kick with both guns blazing at people.  He was of course deemed dangerous.  

Of course, this just made the challenge all the more interesting for Jared.  He worked with Rascal, built a relationship with this horse, and in no time, had him picking up front and rear hooves.  Saddling and riding.  The last ride that we went for together, I remember Jared telling me about how hard he was working to turn his life around, how much he adored his son, and his passion for bull riding.  Not long after, Jared had passed away.  Rascal has since been adopted.  Jared saved that horses' life, he also saved the life of a pitbull named Autumn thanks to his talent with these animals.

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for him and his contribution to our organization and the animals we serve.  In celebration of Jared's life, we have decided to name our Equine Program which benefits youth in crisis for him.

The focus of this program is to encourage these youth to become productive members of society through work-related capacity building.

Thanks to the Colorado Health Foundation, we have been able to implement training equipment for this program.  This will give up to twenty youth at a time the ability to learn ground work and train horses that were once cast-offs.  Through this experience, youth learn discipline, problem solving skills, and gain confidence.  All of these benefits have been shown to reduce the rate of suicide, cutting, fighting, and have shown remarkable recovery progress in children with ADD, ADHD and Asberger’s Syndrome.

Please contact us at: for detailed information about how to participate in this program!

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